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Hocsocx are designed to be worn under shin guards to help prevent shin guard rash and irritation. 

       Benefits of Hocsocx:

  • Protects against shin guard rash and irritations. 
  • Light compression for reduced muscle fatigue & quick muscle recovery
  • Wick moisture away from legs
  • Stays in place- no riding up or falling down
  • No added bulk
  • Extends life of shin guards by avoiding buildup of sweat, germs, odors. 
  • Full Sock- Liner Socks 
  • Protects shins, ankles, and feet. 
  • 85% Polyester/ 15% Spandex
  • Women's Shoe size: 5-10
  • Women's Large Size: 10-14
  • Girl's Shoe Size: 13-4



Minimum quantity: 6

Girl's (Shoe Size 13-4)

24 in stock
Women's (Shoe Size 5-10)

182 in stock
Women's Large (Shoe Size 10-14)

76 in stock
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